Improve the moviegoing immersive experience. Create benefit for exhibitors of theater industry.
Redefine Your Auditorium
Improve the moviegoing immersive experience. Create benefit for exhibitors of theater industry.
Redefine Your Auditorium

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Introducing HeyLED DCI Screen

Since the dawn of cinema, from the advent of motion (1891) to color (1902) to sound (1926), every advancement has been a step closer to bringing our imaginations to life. We’ve always yearned not just to see the characters on screen but to immerse ourselves in their world.

Now, we step into the future with HeyLED DCI Screen, the Next Generation Cinema Display. With its unparalleled clarity, supreme darkness, and enhanced contrast and brightness, HeyLED delivers images you’ve never witnessed before. It’s an immersive experience like never before imagined.

Discover NAMOS Nano Screen

The NAMOS Nano Screen integrates cutting-edge nano-optical technology and patented processes to provide crystal-clear, ghost-free visuals. Boasting a brightness level that outshines traditional silver screens by 85%, the NAMOS Nano Screen sets a new standard for cinema viewing.

Featuring an extinction ratio of up to 10000:1 and ultra-low crosstalk, this screen ensures unparalleled picture quality. Its 170um micro-perforations reduce moire fringing, perfectly complementing 4K projectors. Crafted from PET material, it’s easy to maintain and optimize for RGB laser projectors.

3D Systems

Single Beam

Double Beam

Triple Beam

3D Glasses P2310

3D Glasses P7015

3D Glasses P3878

Why Choose Timewaying

At Timewaying, we prioritize technology and quality, continually enhancing every detail to surpass industry standards. Our commitment to innovation ensures that each component exceeds the performance of its competitors.

Service Excellence

Driven by innovation, our professional team provides comprehensive support throughout design, demonstration, maintenance, and training. With seasoned experts guiding you every step of the way, you can trust in our dedication to excellence.

R & D

We support OEM/ODM customization requirements and boast a global R&D pioneer team. As a new high-tech enterprise with over 200 patents, our relentless pursuit of innovation drives the future of cinema technology.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality is evident through our DCI Certification and approval from the China Film Technology Research Quality Inspection Institute. With ISO9000 accreditation, we uphold the highest standards in every aspect of our operations.

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