Digital cinema software and support services company Arts Alliance Media (AAM), along with 3D and LED technology manufacturer Shenzhen Timewaying Co. Ltd, announced Monday the opening of the HeyLED Innovation Centre in Los Angeles.

In April, the two companies previously announced a partnership to deliver HeyLED, a brand of new DCI-certified LED screen technology, to the majority of Asia, Europe, and North and South America.

The two parties are now formally inviting studios and exhibitors alike to their state-of-the-art ‘innovation hub’ in the Chatsworth neighborhood of L.A. for a comprehensive demonstration of HeyLED’s functionality.

With experts stationed onsite, exhibitors can experience HeyLED’s patented high-pixel fill rate optical design. If interested, email

“HeyLED presents a generational technology that will push the boundaries of cinematic viewing further than ever before,” Timewaying’s Chief Technology Officer Kenny Chow said in a press release. “It’s imperative therefore that we establish a central experiential hub, here in the United States, where industry pioneers can appreciate the quality of our solution and the benefits to exhibitors.”

“We’re delighted to invite studios, exhibitors, and industry leaders to our L.A. hub as we prepare to demonstrate the full capabilities of the first HeyLED screen in the United States,” Arts Alliance Media’s Chief Commercial Officer Dale Miller added.