Shenzhen Timewaying Technology, a leading 3D equipment supplier for the Chinese market, announced Monday (July 19) that its LA2K-10 LED Cinema System has passed the DCI Compliance Test Plan.

Timewaying first began developing an LED cinema system in 2018. The LA2K-10 is their first LED product.

“Timewaying believes LED technology will revolutionize the cinema viewing experience because it delivers a truely black screen,” said Andrew Chan, General Manager of Timewaying, in a statement. “Since the screen absorbs light from secondary-reflection rather than just reflecting it, the intra-frame contrast ratio can be increased by more than 20 times the ratio achieved by using 100-year-old white screens. Even though the color gamut of an RGB projector can potentially be wider than an LED screen, Timewaying is convinced the improvement in intra-frame contrast ratio will practically deliver the real pure colors in the DCI-P3 specification.”

Chan continued, “Timewaying believes delivering a good cinematic experience is still the key to good story telling and enhancing healthy social interaction. With the launch of this new technology to the market, Timewaying is looking forward to working closely with both studio and exhibitor partners to bring outstanding film viewing experiences to audiences around the globe.”

“Our plan is based on the idea of providing the LA2K-10 so it can run on a very reasonable power budget,” added Kenny Chow, Chief Technology Officer.  “With this new product, we’re able to show films at 3 times the normal level of brightness (45 fL vs. the 15 fL average with traditional screens) creating an amazing experience for the consumer while still only requiring roughly the same power consumption.”  Founded in 2011, Timewaying was a leader in migrating 3D technology from from active 3D glasses to a passive glasses system. It has over 30,000 3D systems installed at 11,000 cinema sites across China. The company recently launched production of their NAMOS Nano Screen, which has an extinction ratio in excess of 1,000-to-1 in 3D and completely eliminates ghosting in 3D film viewing.