HeyLED Cinema Screen
The next generation exhibition technology. HeyLED revealing DCI-P3 colour gamut, true black, and ultimate contrast ratio and brighter images, delivers picture as you’ve never seen it before.
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Improve the moviegoing immersive experience. Create benefit for exhibitors of theater industry.
Redefine Your Auditorium

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HeyLED Cinema Screen

Redefining the movie-watching experience with the latest LED cinema screens to provide moviegoers with a more immersive and realistic experience of all scenes, aims to help the cinema industry and organization become more flexible, efficient, and more competitive. 

Enable close front row viewing, relieve visual fatigue, delivers the most detail-rich and vivid content possible.

NAMOS Nano Screen

NAMOS nano screen, combined with cutting-edge nano-optical technology and ultra-precision processing and patented technology, to provide a crystal brighter, no ghost, uniform highlighting overall solution for the cinema.

3D Systems

Single Beam

Double Beam

Triple Beam

3D Glasses P2310

3D Glasses P7015

3D Glasses P3878

Why Choose Timewaying

The company gives priority to technology and quality as well as constantly improving the performance of every detail. This ensures that each component has a better performance than that of its competitors.


Professional company driven by innovation in technology
Experienced experts support throughout design, demonstration, maintenance and training

R & D

Support OEM/ODM customization requirements
Integrated the global R&D pioneer team
New high-tech enterprise, more than 200+ patents.

Quality Guarantee

DCI Certification
Approved by China Film Technology Research Quality Inspection Institute

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