Timewaying Tech Ltd and Arts Alliance Media Introduce World’s Largest DCI-Certified 4K Digital LED Cinema Screen to Market

Shenzhen Timewaying Ltd (Timewaying), a leading technology manufacturer specialising in LED and 3D solutions, and Arts Alliance Media (AAM), the global leader in digital cinema software and services, have launched the new, DCI-certified 20-metre 4K HeyLED cinema screen, becoming the world’s largest digital LED cinema screen on the market.

Presenting a giant leap in cinematic LED displays, the HeyLED 20m cinema screen combines pure colour, true black, and a high contrast ratio with patented high pixel fill rate technology to enable a visual experience never seen before in exhibition.

“Managing diversification and strengthening technology is essential to the future of cinema. The implementation of our LA4K-20 HeyLED allows exhibitors to create an entertainment destination that can facilitate a truly incomparable cinematic experience, attracting customers beyond their normal reach,” said Andrew Chan, Founder and CEO of Timewaying.

“With a cross-over point around 20 metres in screen width, the cost gap between the LED cinema screen and high-end dual projector is closing.”

With high brightness up to 300 nits, 30,000:1 contrast ratio, 16-bit grayscale, and DCI-P3 wide colour gamut, the HeyLED 20m screen is of the highest specification, stronger colour, realism, and depth.

While HDR ready, HeyLED technology uses an active ‘black screen’ instead of a passively reflected ‘white screen’, which is the basis of its high contrast. Kenny Chow, CTO of Timewaying, added “with the high contrast ratio of LED and the black LED screen itself, when a picture with a black background is presented, HeyLED will create an illusion where screen ‘disappears’, making bright pictures even more prominent. Our 20m screen ensures moviegoers will experience the best 3D ever seen ahead of Avatar: The Way of Water.”

By delivering immersive, never-before-seen images, the commercial proposition for exhibitors is truly positive and creates a clear differential in the rapidly growing PLF segment. HeyLED not only enables closer front row viewing via high pixel fill rate optics, but increased back row seating from the removal of the project room, meaning higher admissions per screening. The brand’s status as the world’s largest PLF also appeals to a larger pool of movie-goers, dictating increased ticket pricing to generate amplified box office revenue.

As official resellers of the immersive HeyLED brand, AAM will deliver the new 20m screen to exhibitors across Asia, Europe, and all of the Americas, transforming the in-theatre consumer experience while expanding their reputable product portfolio.

“The launch of the HeyLED LA4K-20 is a monumental moment for LED in cinema,” said Dale Miller, CCO at Arts Alliance Media. “Not only does it reflect rapid development and demand but shows the full capabilities of bringing LED technology into a cinematic environment, and we look forward to being at the heart of its deployment.”