3D System



From Active 3D technology to Passive 3D technology, Timewaying always lead the technological develop. With the technology upgrade, the Single Beam to the Trible Beam and beyond, its light efficiency increased from 17%( Passice Single Beam)to 30% (Passive Trible beam) , the contrast ratio from 200:1 to 500:1. Reduce the light loss and redefines the 3D effect that you’ve never seen before.

Product Parameters

Turbo ScreenPolarizer Dimensions216L*195W*22H mm
Optical PrincipleCircular Polarization
Light Transmittance42%±1
Light Effciency16%±1
Contrast Ratio> 300:1
Ghosting Rate> 0.5%
Supported Frame Rate24/48/60/120 fps
2D/3D Intelligent Switchover (TMS)Available
One-click Transposition of Left and Right PictureAvailable
Silver ScreenGain> 2.4
Polarization Contrast> 150:1
Digital ProjectorXenon lamp projector:SupportAvailable
RGB Laser projector:SupportAvailable
ALPD Laser projector:SupportAvailable
Projection HallThrow Ratio/
Installation requirementsProjection window/