About Timewaying

Founded in 2011, Timewaying is a leading manufacturer of cinema equipment, focusing on R&D and sales service of cinema equipment. The products varies from LED cinema screen, Nano Screen, Cinema 3D System and 3D Glasses.

Who is Timewaying

Timewaying committed to the development of core cinema screening technology, promote the development and sales of cinema equipment and peripheral product, provide diversified products and services to cinemas, including high contrast 3D systems, cinema intelligence platform, high contrast Nano Screen, a next generation of LED cinema screen technology, etc., Redefining the movie-watching experience with the latest LED movie screens to provide consumers with a more immersive and realistic experience of all scenes, aims to help the cinema industry and organization become more flexible, efficient, and more competitive.

Together, We’re Building for Tomorrow

Timewaying's mission is to bring cinematic immersive experience to every movie-goers, generate more profit for exhibitors of theater industry.

The quality concept

We undertake to provide customers quality-assured products and keep in mind that quality is the foundation

Service concept

We respect rules and processes and do things right the first time. We work with customers to balance opportunities and risks

Market concept

The Quality Wins A Market And The Trustworthiness Casts Brand.


2022 Year

LED Giant cinema screen DCI.

Core R&D team

Andrew Chan

GM and Founder

General manager and Founder of Timewaying. LCD and theater industry senior practitioner. Proficient in business development, product, technology, etc., good at management, and integrate internal and external resources to promote the development of the company. Innovative thinking and a willingness to innovate make them a senior compound talent in the industry.

Kenny Chow

VP and CTO

Senior semiconductor and photoelectric display engineer, proficient in photoelectric display technology, including LCD, LED, OLED, 3D projection equipment, miniature VR/AR display equipment, etc. Developed LED video system in 1996, is the pioneer of LED screen and 3D cinema industry in China.

Nick Hou

LED Technology R&D Director

Rich experience in LED industry. Engaged in LED display research and development, manufacturing, engineering technology and quality evaluation for many years. With rich experience in r&d and project management of photoelectric display products, especially LED display products.

Kevin Li

3D Technology R&D Director

Proficient in liquid crystal physics, polarized optics, liquid crystal device design and manufacturing. Developed the first polarization 3D equipment in China, and wrote more than 30 patents related to 3D technology and head-up display.

Patented technology

By January 1, 2022, Timewaying has obtained 189 domestic patents authorized and more than 10 PCT (international patent priority), building a relatively complete patent system, and has carried out patent layout in major global target markets.

3D Glasses

2 Invention patents
11 Utility model patents
8 Appearance patents

3D system

7 Invention patents
41 Utility model patents
14 Appearance patents

3D Glasses Lease machine

10 Utility model patents
4 Appearance patents


32 Utility model patents
2 Appearance patents

Nano screen

1 Invention patents
13 Utility model patents
1 Appearance patents

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