Product introduction

For over a decade, Timewaying has driven cinematic innovation worldwide. Our HeyLED digital exhibition technology surpasses DLP projection, offering unmatched color purity, contrast, and brightness. Experience immersive cinema with HDR content, expanded color gamut, and superior picture uniformity.

DCI Certification

The HeyLED DCI cinema screens are DCI Compliant, ensuring its suitability for day-and-date movie exhibition in cinemas. Rigorous testing guarantees manufacturing quality control and operational stability, marking a significant milestone in cinema technology advancement.


Key Features

Ultra Wide Brightness Range

Ultra High Contrast Ratio

> 75% Pixel Fill Factor

16-bits Precision Gray-scale

High Dynamic Range

100% DCI-P3 Color Gamut


Ultra Wide
Brightness Range

With a wide brightness range from 48nit to 300nit, HeyLED offers peak brightness 6 times higher than the standard DLP, delivering sharper images with exceptional brightness, clarity, and depth of field.

Ultra High
Contrast Ratio

Experience ultra-high intra-frame contrast of 30,000:1, surpassing many ordinary cinema indicators by 100 times. Enjoy pure blacks, lifelike 3D effects visible to the naked eye, and splendid 3D images with unparalleled stereoscopic depth.

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Optical Processing Technology

Our unique patented optical technology enhances pixel density to over 75%, ensuring improved brightness uniformity, glare elimination, reduced picture graininess, and minimize eye strain.

High Dynamic Range

With low reflectivity and high peak brightness, HeyLED unleashes the full power of HDR format images, transforming your viewing experience with breathtaking realism and vibrant detail.

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Technical Parameter

PhysicalScreen DimensionHeight:5500mm x Width:10000mm X Thickness:100mm
Cabinet DimensionHeight:500mm x Width:1000mm X Thickness:100mm
Cabinet Quantity110 pcs(11 x 10)
Pixel Pitch4.81mm
Resolution(W x H)2080 x 1144
Image Resolution(W x H)2048 x 1080
Scope 2.39:12048 x 857
Flat 1.85:11998 x 1080
WeightScreen G.W 1980Kg,LED Frame G.W ~2000Kg
ElectricalInput100~240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Peak Power Consumption12000W(300nit 88fL with full white image)
Average Consumption at High Brightness7,500 W (300nit/88fL with video image (3D 14fL))
Average Consumption at Mid Brightness6,000 W(at 150nit(45fL) with video image)
Average Consumption at Low Brightness5,200 W(at 48nit/14fL with video image)
OpticalNormal Brightness2D:14 fL(48 nit)
Recommanded Brightness2D:45 fL(150 nit)
Maximum Brightness2D:87.56fL(300 nit)/3D:14 fL(48 nit)
Contrast Ratio∞:1
Viewing Angle- horizontal160°
Viewing Angle- vertical160°
GrayscaleR,G,B 16Bit
Color GamutDCI-P3
Video2D Support Frame Rate24fps/48fps/60fps
3D Support Frame Rate2K 3D DCP 60fps、 4K 3D DCP 48fps
Video Format & GrayscaleDCP (12 bit XYZ), Digital Coding JPEG2000
LED Refresh Rate1,500 to 9300Hz
External Input VideoHDMI 2.0,2D
Operation ConditionOperating Temperature/Humidity0~40℃(32-104°F)/ 10~80 %RH
Storage Temperature / Humidity-20~45 °C(-4~113°F) / 5~95 %RH
Waterproof and dustproof gradeIP20
LED Lifetime100,000 hours to half brightness
CertificationCertificationDCI, CCC, CE/UL, EMC Class A, Safety 60950-1
MaintenanceMaintenanceRear Maintenance

Application Fields

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