HeyLED harness the HDR, expanding the commercial value of the cinemas

The future cinemas must be to strengthen the experience and realize the diversification management, otherwise, the theaters will become irrelevant. We need to pivot to more experience-driven offerings and products and build an entertainment destination where worth visiting.

HeyLED cinema screen Solution

With the shift towards blockbuster films being a larger part of the profit engine of a Cinema, the PLF segment is likely to become a major growth area.
Liberated by the hands of innovators, LED is not confined to traditional purposes, nor does it arise from a temporary technological trend. Instead, it symbolizes progression within cinema, beautifully refined to meet the needs of the director, exhibitor, and audience.
Such technological advancement has opened the door to a bigger, brighter, more colorful, and more defined viewing experience, bringing excitement, sensation, and immersion. An environment now unrivaled when compared to traditional viewing devices.
Bring other alternate income streams in your cinema with the next generation cinema technology LED cinema screen deployed and win over the consumers and the fewer visits per year to the cinema they attend.

What Values can HeyLED bring to You


Being HDR ready, HeyLED is perfectly set-up to power eSports and live events, helping exhibitors grow their cinema into a versatile entertainment hub and bring other alternate income streams for your cinema.


Revolutionise your operations by upgrading the next generation cinema technology.  Ultra-Wide Brightness Range, Harness a maximum of 300 nit with HeyLED’s ultra-wide brightness range and captivate customers with brilliance beyond possibility. Infinite Contrast Ratio, Provide precision colour with an infinite contrast ratio for seamless picture quality.

Engage your audiences

A flawless screening is just the start. Turn every trip to your cinema into an immersive experience.


Build a reputation for excellence, and access the resources you need to keep building on it.

HeyLED’s high pixel fill rate enables audiences to sit closer to the action, allowing additional seating at the front of the auditorium. More seats, more admissions. While, at the back of the auditorium, you can now swap their projection rooms for additional seating or a VIP balcony to further maximize Box Office revenue.
You can also find more opportunities for the multiplex entertainment hub, a perfect opportunity to increase ticket revenue.

3 steps to optimising your cinema

Finding the right solution for you

Our expert engineers will analyze your current setup and processes, tailor a solution for your cinemas, and configure it to your exact specifications.

Guaranteeing success

Our Customer Service team will work with you to deploy your solution to your timeframes and train your team in adapting their operations for the most efficiency.

Technical support

As soon as you are up and running, you can reach out our comprehensive 24/7 customer service. For the LED cinema screen solution, we can sent local after-sales engineer make sure that your solution is always right for your cinema

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