On April 21, 2023, Shenzhen-based technology company, Timewaying and its global strategic partners Arts Alliance Media(AAM) held a HeyLED tech tour event at the Krikorian Theater in California, USA, where unveiled the latest LED cinema screen, the LA2K-10. This was the first 10-meter 2K DCI LED cinema screen in the United States, this event marked the HeyLED being officially approved for the global market, and it was an opportunity to showcase the HeyLED unique offerings.

The event kicked off with a virtual scene created by Timewaying that wowed attendees with its realistic stage performance. Industry professionals from around the world, including exhibitors, integrators, technology associations, and media representatives were particularly impressed with the technology’s application in LED virtual scenes.

“Our first Tech Tour was really to provide an opportunity for the industry to experience these technologies for themselves and understand how progressive PLF solutions, such as HeyLED, are shaping the future of cinema”, explained David Ong, Chief Commercial Officer at Arts Alliance Media.

From analyzing China’s Five-Year Plan to exploring venue versatility, Dale Miller, Technology Consultant at AAM and the HeyLED event host, expanded upon LED’s relevance in today’s market, reflecting on the enhanced visual capabilities, its appeal to younger audiences, and the value proposition for early adopters.

While, Kenny Chow reprised his starring role to deliver a comprehensive overview of HeyLED’s innovative technology, comparing the benefits with projection and detailing the product’s specifications and plans for the future. The concept of the ‘upper-level balcony’ and auditorium redesign was also introduced by Timewaying, detailing the possibility of raising the back four rows of the auditorium to deliver a VIP viewing experience exclusive to LED.

Dale Miller(L), Kenny Chow(M), David Ong(R)

“Now, we have displayed the true potential of HeyLED”, added Kenny Chow. “Our guests have not only discovered how LED can transform cinematic viewing through enhanced color, brightness, and contrast but experienced the superior quality in 3D and 2D depth perception when compared with projection.”

After the tech tour, Tricia Macias, theater manager of Krikorian Theater reported that the audience’s reaction to HeyLED cinema has been positive, with viewers enjoying the immersive 3D experience of movies like “Super Mario”. Some even returned to watch both 2D and 3D versions.

Andrew Chen(L), Tricia Macias, Kenny Chow(R)

Timewaying CEO Andrew Chen explained the driving force behind their decision to develop LED cinema screens. “With the impact of new media on the film industry, the need for enhanced cinema technology has become necessary to improve the movie-watching experience and differentiate it from watching movies on smartphones. Additionally, consumption upgrades have driven demand for upgraded technology that meets the high-quality standards demanded by the younger generation of moviegoers.”

Established in 2011, Timewaying is a pioneering company specializing in cinema technology. The company has been a crucial player in transitioning 3D technology from active glasses to passive systems, offering various products, including the innovative Freedeo 3D system, the NAMOS nano screen, and the HeyLED DCI cinema screen. By adopting LED active emission display technology, Timewaying has taken a bold step towards further innovation and is now one of the leading players in the industry’s digital exhibition technology product chain.