NAMOS Nano Screen

NAMOS nano screen, combined with cutting-edge nano-optical technology and ultra precision processing and original patented technology, to provide a set of uniform highlighting, no ghosting, wide perspective of the overall solution for the cinema. Delivers incredible brighter, clearer and sharper images in both 2D and 3D formats. Degraded the lumen of the projector to reduce the equipment and operating costs.

NAMOS Cinema Screen Solution

NAMOS, a new high standard projection system, integrated with high contrast ratio 3D equipment, micro-perforation nano-screen optical technology, and high-end 3D glasses, and the comprehensive cross-talk rate to the eye is less than 0.5% (under dark room test)

What values can NAMOS bring to You


Its very high brightness and reflectivity, reduce the power of the lamp or laser projector, a significant amount of money can be saved.


The tremendous optical performances of the NAMOS nano screen makes it an excellent choice to have a fantastic 3D experience but also keep an excellent optical quality in 2D.

Engage your audiences

A flawless screening is just the start. Turn every trip to your cinema into an immersive 3D and crystal clear experience.

Are you struggling with speckle problems with RGB Laser source? Have you ever bothered by 3D ghosting? the NAMOS nano screen both can solve the issues for you. The PET substrate of nano screen is more conducive to the vibration propagation, easy to de-speckle for RGB laser projector.

Optical layered structures maintaining a polarization state of projection light, keeps the Extinction Ratio up to 1000:1, eliminating the 3D ghosting, improving 3D movie viewing experience.

The screen surface has been designed to increase reflectance, producing twice brightness than Common Silver screen, generating a brighter, smoother and more uniform image, allowing movie-goers to receive a truly incredible cinema experience.

3 steps to optimising your cinema

Finding the right solution for you

Our expert engineers will analyse your current setup and processes, tailor a solution for your cinemas, and configure it to your exact specifications

Guaranteeing success

Our Customer Service team will work with you to deploy your solution to your timeframes and train your team in adapting their operations for the most efficiency.

Technical support

We integrate global integrator resources as the partner, and assist us with the installation and fulfillment service.

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