NOMAS Nano Screen


NAMOS Nano Screen


NAMOS Nano Screen

NAMOS nano screen, combined with cutting-edge nano-optical technology and ultra-precision processing technology, to provide a high-end viewing solution for the cinema. The image is brighter, clearer and sharper, delivers incredible images in both 2D and 3D formats.

NAMOS movie screen

Better Polarization

Extinction Ratio more than 1000:1, eliminates 3D ghosting

Twice Higher Reflectivity than Common Silver Sreen

Sharper and Crisper, Cleaner Image

Common Silver Screen

NAMOS Nano Screen

Wider Viewing Angle

Ultra high resolution image, delivers a vivid image

Traditional screen

NAMOS screen

Sharp , Smoother and Cleaner image

High Light Efficiency translates into Uniformity even at High Gain

Traditional screen

NAMOS screen

0.17mm Micro-Perforation

No moire effect even with 4K Projector

NAMOS Nano Sreen Overall solution
A high-end upgrade moviegoer experiencing

NAMOS Nano Screen

High Contrast Ratio 3D System

High Standard 3D Glasses


Approved by China Film Technology Research Quality Inspection Institute

Technical Parameter

Half Gain Angle(2α)64°±2°54°±2°46°±2°
Extinction Ratio<1000:1<1500:1<1800:1
Total Reflectivity≥85%≥85%≥85%
DimensionMax. Height18m18m18m
Max. WidthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

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