NAMOS Nano screen

NAMOS nano screen, combined with cutting-edge nano optics technology and ultra-precision machining and other original leading patent technology, to provide a set of high brightness, uniform, no ghosting image for the cinemas. The image is brighter, clearer and sharper, delivers incredible images in both 2D and 3D formats, aiming to revolutionize the high-end viewing experience for moviegoers.

Above 1000:1 Ultra High Extinction Ratio

Eleminate the 3D ghosting, delivers an immersive and stunning 3D movie-going experience

Easy to de-speckle for RGB Laser projector

The PET substrate of nano screen is more conductive to the vibration propagation.

Above 85% light reflectivity

Enhance the optical technology, presentation a brighter and crystal image

Matte-white surface colors

The surface is more brighter and pure strikingly, delivers incredible images in both 2D and 3D formats.

Extreme Reality

Optical layered structures maintaining a polarization state of projection light, keeps the Extinction Ratio up to 1000 :1, eliminating the 3D ghosting, improving 3D movie viewing experience.

  • Extreme Reality
  • Twice Higher Reflectivity than Common Silver Srceen

Ultra Wider Viewing Angle

High Light Efficiency translates into Uniformity even at High Gain

Micro-perforation technology

170 um Micro perforation technology reduced Moiré fringing, delivers a smoother and sharper in both 2D and image, match with 4K projector well.

A high standard 3D projection system

Integrate nano screen with high contrast ratio Passive Trible beam and NAMOS 3D glasses, the overall crosstalk is under 0.5%, no ghosting for 3D movies including subtitle.

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