Digital cinema software and support services Arts Alliance Media (AAM), has partnered with Shenzhen Timewaying Co. Ltd, a technology manufacturer specializing in 3D and LED solutions, to become an official reseller of HeyLED, a DCI certified LED screen technology.

As a reseller of the HeyLED brand, AAM will become exhibitor’s direct point of contact for the majority of Asia, Europe, and all of the Americas.

“This is a significant deal not just for Timewaying but for LED in the cinema space”, said Andrew Chan, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Timewaying. “Timewaying believes delivering a good cinematic experience is still the key to good storytelling and enhancing healthy social interaction. We know HeyLED’s capabilities and how it can transform the cinematic experience, and, by partnering with AAM, we hope to bring this unique experience to moviegoers worldwide.”

“Presenting pure color and true black, patented high-pixel fill rate technology, and a high contrast ratio, HeyLED offers moviegoers amplified picture quality for a more immersive viewing experience without eye fatigue” stated Kenny Chow, Chief Technology Officer. “HeyLED is a comprehensive next-gen solution for day-and-date movie exhibition. Being HDR ready, while boasting a greater color gamut and remarkable picture uniformity, HeyLED technology is perfectly built to revolutionize eSports and live events.”

Dale Miller, Chief Commercial Officer at Arts Alliance Media, added, “it’s our mission to help exhibitors augment their viewing performance and consumer experience, and with LED technology central to the future of exhibition, we are now on-hand to become exhibitor’s direct point of contact for facilitating a historic shift from projection to LED.”